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The Band 4.0!

The story begins when 2 guys met each other. Romeo was singing and playing in a bar, and when attending a jam session, after a couple of beers, he thought he knew the drummer, but where and when…

They were childhood friends, in their city, and they even fought for a girl, long time ago. After 2 hours of impro, playing different songs, they were in perfect sync.

This is how Vince met Romeo. Again. They went partying and in the following weeks they played again together, until Rom asked Vince: "What if we make a band ?". They both knew some musicians. They needed a keyboard and a bass to complete the formation.
They wanted to make a team able to mix different styles of music, with no boundaries..
Romeo knew a bass player, who was like a brother to him, friends since their birth and playing in another band. This is how Gab joined this music adventure.

Rom, Gab and Vince were at ease in Pop music, and they needed a guy with maybe a different touch.
Rom thought about a keyboard he knew at school who was "playing like he was riding a machine with organic vibrations". They met him at a concert and he said: «No sure that being in an Electro Pop band is my cup of tea». Then Romeo said: "Come in the studio with us, we'll see".

They brought him in the studio, they started to play « Stand Up » and they asked him to play along in his own Electronic style. He said "Ok, now give me the list of the songs". They got their keyboard, Avril.

With their first release « Stand Up », Reaven presents his own style, brilliant alchemy of these 4 talents.






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