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For Roberto Bates a touching song is not just a good beat, but also a strong melody. He was influenced by the melodic rock of the 80s. With the debut single "Minnesota Lakes" Roberto Bates already had the first respectable success with over 200 airplays at the german radiostations and more than 150,000 streams on Spotify. Roberto also won two music prizes for the video and the song itself. The second single, called "Alone", will be released in eight (!) mixes.

The melody of the song has a long history, Roberto has had it in his ear for an eternity, but also on tape. The number was written in the old millennium for a friend who wanted to convince his girlfriend to stay with him.

When Roberto got the number back out of the tape recorder last year and he began reinterpreting the loneliness, his thoughts were often with another friend who had lost his wife forever and completely unexpectedly last year.

"Alone" is a song about every kind of loneliness and sadness, but he should also encourage that there is always a after, a new. Better day. The music video for "Alone" turned Roberto Bates in his adopted home Gießen and is his homage to this university city. The film was filmed at the Mathematikum, at the train station, at the river Lahn, at the Dachcafe, at the Volkshalle, in the Rock-Pop-Jazz-Academy (RPJAM), in the Osthalle during a game of the Depant GIESSEN 46ers Rackelos, in the old slaughterhouse and in the WKTP (Who Killed The Pig)




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