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Brand New Track!

While music, they say, goes in cycles, it’s never been as true as for Dance music.
In 1978, the whole planet was living, thinking and dancing Disco. 20 years later, the French Touch took the world by storm and delivered some unforgettable, glorious moments by reinventing Disco; sampling it, filtering it: making it even more sublime.

In 2018 (another 20 years on), a 90s House revival wave is looming, as proven by recent successes by Purple Disco Machine or Mercer. Hedonism and melodies are back on the dance floor, with Disco always at its heart, even better enhanced thanks to the progress of modern technology. We hear the sounds of yesterday, transformed by the machines of the present.

Colorblast, a true sonic explosion of colours, could well have produced the ringleader-single for this new wave, with the oh so well-named “Gorgeous”, a powerful and loving tribute to a certain generous and melodic sounding music : a bass line and layers, on a par with the greatest recordings from the Prelude Disco label; filters and vocoders as a homage to French Touch’s finest hour; a Rhodes piano that strokes the harmonic chords; catchy vocals that remind us of the sunniest Californian Pop. And just as if all this wasn’t enough, the innocent voice of a beautiful female stranger on the songs’s intro, that invites you in for a dance on a Valentine Day’s evening. Just get in and let the charm work its magic: hard to resist, hard not to dance along. And hard not to, all day long, hum it again and again.

Colorblast, as it was the case in the 90s, makes its way all so secretively. We just know that behind the project is a singer-producer, who collaborates with several artists from the French House music scene (such as Muttonheads, who remixed the first single). Colorblast, this collective project, with ever-evolving features is currently working on a live set-up that will mix machines and organic instruments.

“Nowadays, as Djs have become superstars, the magic surrounding bands has almost disappeared, when it’s actually a tremendously important side of music. We think of course of people like Daft Punk, Kiss, Devo, Empire of the Sun, whose aura has made us fall under their spell. I say that, but at the same time we are currently preparing our live show, so we’re not planning on staying in hiding forever. Is it even possible today, in an age of social media ? We would like to be able to offer something influenced by Disco that is visually spectacular. In any case, it is true that we are purposely looking to reference this period where you had to guess and find out by yourself who was the artist behind it. With internet, all is just one click away. We would like to keep the mystery going a little longer, and let our music and emotions speak for themselves to start with. Just like a treasure hunt”.

Before we are able to solve this playful (dance) chase, it’s time to close our eyes, pump up the volume of this deliciously catchy single by Colorblast and experience a true sensory VR moment; let ourselves be transported by the magical power of music, into, one of Studio 54’s legendary nights, a pool party in Miami, or under the burning mid-July sun, in the shade of pine trees.

Thanks to Colorblast, Summer is knocking at our door and is looking as “Gorgeous” as it is irresistibly colourful.

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