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«We only get 2 lives, and the second starts when you realize you get only one » (Confucius)

And if we get back to the roots? To the pure energy, sincere, thoughtless? Far from marketing and commercial plans… at a thousand miles from the streams, clicks, likes, followers. And what if we forget for a moment the music business, the references, colors, origins, pedigrees, styles, labels, genres, to let us be driven by the rough and sunny essence of the proposition?

And what if our ultimate goal would be to share, transmit?
What if the purpose would be to leave a positive legacy?
And whatever the form… Leave a permanent and unerasable trace?
A few minutes of music imprinted in people's minds forever?
What if we just close our eyes, just for us to listen with our heart and soul?

Let go to be driven by what is magical in life: the tranformation of an immaterial vibe in a concrete musical project, highly infectious, full of light, and full of life.

Reach your dreams, desires, inspirations, with the wind, and with life! No more rules. Freedom and conscience of unlimited power with music as only luggage.
Love of art, or art of love…

What if what you're going to listen to resonates in you with no particular reason, injecting the force that you miss sometimes?

Bibz offers to let go, behind this flaming mask, behind which anybody could hide!

What if Bibz has succeed in his crazy bet?
Make the planet dance and sing, and forget its evil for a while.

Mad???… Ok!

By Juliette Fievet





Official Video
Official Video