Igor Blaska x Divaa Louise - Queen of the Night (ElectrOpera)

Igor Blaska x Divaa Louise

Queen of the Night (ElectrOpera)

(Mouvance Records/-)

A fabulous set opening track!

DJ Resident and owner of MAD Club, Lausanne (TOP 100 of the best clubs in the world). Igor Blaska born in Bratislava. He caressed his first turntables near Neuchâtel (Switzerland). In the early 90s, he was the resident DJ at the Casino de la Rotonde for five years. In 1995, he took over the MAD Club de Lausanne. We owe him among other things the big electronic events in Switzerland including Atlantis Rave, Montreux Sundance Festival … Dj-resident & Co-owner the club enters the TOP 100 of the best clubs in the world. He produces Bootlegs, remixes, compiles hit songs with international collaborations with Guru Josh, Laurent Wolf or Kirsty Bertarelli. From Eternity, Overman, City of Love, Leh Leh Leh, Black Coffee, Green, Boo Boo Booty, Alarm or 1-2-3 Jump …. Igor Blaska nevertheless allows himself some “infidelities” by responding to invitations from great clubs around the world, open air festivals and very prestigious private parties, from Geneva to Miami via Bangkok.




Igor Blaska X Divaa Louise


Official Video
Official Video