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  • Biography

    DJ Will was dipping in soul and jazz since he was born as his parents had a passion for black Music.

    He was introduced to Hip Hop through breakdance and was initiated to music as he

    started stroing and collecting albums at the age of 15.

    Destiny nad love for music have Dj Will meeting Dj Chris ( Cathy Guetta’s Brother ) in 93. This meeting will point out to him the vocation to mix in clubs.

    His Dj career starts at Bains Douches as he began to make bodies move and shake by playin sexy Rnb and wild hip-hop tracks from Milliardaire Club to Queen, from La Loco to the Vip Room, the Doobies ant Folies Pigalle.

    In 2001, he becomes the official Dj for the label “Voix PubliK” (Matt Houston, Kayna Samet, Stéfan Filey…).

    He gets on the road with Matt and performs at such events as Urban Peace, Les Francofolies or the French Music Awards “Les Victoires de la Musique”.

    He was stage Dj for Kayna Samet and was opening act for French Tour dates of worldknown rapper Snoop Dogg.

    Or hiting other kind of stages abd audience by being opening act for Boyz II Men with B.O.S.S rapper D.DY.

    He has right now residencies in famous and trendy Clubs in Paris and brings exclusive music to the audience but also to Mixtapes customers on the other hand “Rnb Fever”, Hot for you”, Party&Bullshit” with his partner in crime Dj Snake.

    He is also a pro in mixing hot classy new joints on radio FG : with his weekly shows on radio Fg every Tuesday from 8.00 PM to 9.00 PM on 98.2 FM, he won’t stop teasing Rnb and Hip- hop fans by airing the best and newest exclusive music.

    He is currently working on many new projects to promote Rnb and Hip-hop music and is actively collaborating with Matt Houston on his upcoming album.