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  • Biography

    When I was 12 yo, somebody introduced me to person working in the sound and lighting business in the Ardennes who taught to me, in his room, how to use the DJ hardware.

    It was the: CDJ500 II limited and the DJM500 that had just been released.

    Thus I learned come out to mix on them and for my birthday : I was 13 years old (in 1999), he took me along on a party to show me how it feels to mix in front of a public.

    And from then on, I mixed in many private parties for all the birthdays of the buddies, and at the end of 2000 and 2001 I learned how to animate on the eighties in a room of a club of my areawhich was dedicated to that, it is there that

    I learned that the majority of remixes from the eighties… that made my musical culture.

    In 2002, somebody proposed to me to discover how the concerts were organised

    (installation of the equipment, placement of microphone on instrument, to learn

    how to make the adjustments of consoles of lighting, to create environments with lightings).

    It proved that lighting is my second passion after being DJ.

    In 2004, I discovered the software of musical creation, therefore I tried to compose some little music pieces and I was always DJ everywhere in search of a place in a club.

    And at the beginning of 2007 somebody offered me a place in a club as resident and I thus accepted.