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  • Biography

    Mike TERY, Marseille original guitarist, began his career in the 80s when he took command of the decks, as resident of clubs in France.

    It quickly became, and for nearly 10 years, the major DJ of the Spanish underground scene representing the " Iberian Movida " in the Benidorm region (Vampirella, CRYSTAL PARK, GARDEN BACCHUS, AMNESIA, Etc ...)

    This music will bring the colors of Spain, a mix of Dance and Tribal Latino.

    A mixture of House, Electro and Tribal gives originality to its programming.

    In 2009, a meeting with the Trust band fabulous drummer, Farid Medjane, gave birth to the concept of Tribal Live Tour, which enabled him to express his passion for MAO performing in different clubs:

    THE mixture of Rock culture and House sound was born!

    They can be found live at various national and international events.

    Also promoter of evenings in a SEXY PARTY concept, he is found as a resident in a large complex of the Var where he ignites the Dancefloor.