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  • Biography

    Teenager, I was reared with the radio sounds of the Max Meynier's RTL show, of radios such as Kiss FM, Maxximum, Metropolys or M40.

    From there was born my passion for the radio.

    1985 : My first show was aired on REC (Radio Echo des Choucas) in Chauvigny, a Sunday afternoon in march 1990.

    My first interview was with a national french pop star of the eighties Jean-Pierre Mader.

    Then, I "fell in love" with Radio Pulsar, an associative radio located in my High School…where I was not a very serious student.

    Fabien Smart and "L'Ouvre Boîte" were created at this period thanks to Sébastien Doucet among others.

    The first show of "L'Ouvre Boîte" was scheduled on fridays, 6 to 8pm.

    The last show of “L’Ouvre Boite” was on Friday 9 july 2010.

    But my passion for the radio is very big, Come back Smart, in October 2014, on Radio AGORA 106.2 in Montmorillon (86) :

    Fridays 21h to 23h, L’Ouvre Boite "The Kiss & Dance sound"