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  • Biography

    A native of Tahiti in French Polynesia, born in 1993, now here 5 years Kenzo mixed club.

    In his 17 years, fans of Paintball, he met one who will not only lead to fire at anything that moves, but also one that will form the club in animation, "Laurent Hunsicker."

    After a few months of learning at his side, Kenzo starts taking the decks of "Mana Rock Café" and soon discovers the sounds electro, dirty dutch ...

    1 year later is the meeting with Fred, resident DJ of "Paradise Night Tahiti", that will be a big plus in his career. It refines its way to mix and shows him several facets of the profession.

    Two months later, Fred leaves for the show "MixMove / Discom" in Paris and that's when Kenzo become Dj resident of Paradise.

    After 2 years, he decided to move to Paris, where he joined the school Dj "Eanov School" to develop and to learn even more about his craft Dj.

    Graduated "DJ Sound Technician M.A.O." after intensive learning months homecoming to mix in local clubs such as the "Mango Tahiti", the "UTE UTE", the "Sugar Bar", the "Tendance Tahiti Club", the "Chocco Latte Bar ' .

    Invite her to return for artist warm-ups as Willy William, Ahzee, Miss Roxx ...

    But also for entertainment in the Polynesian islands such as Moorea, Bora Bora ...

    Lovers of Latin music, but also any musical style, Kenzo adapts very well to any type of customer.

    DJs who inspired him the taste of the mix: DJ FLY, DJ NETIK, DJ HITCH, DJ EANOV, DJ FRED TAHITI, DJ MAST.