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  • Biography

    Toni Monteiro mix since Christmas 1983. That day, he received his most beautiful Christmas gift.

    The main DJ at that time went away without a word, and the young Toni Monteiro, Light Jockey, is the only one left at the head of the mythic club “La Garenne” in the district n° 05 in France (High Alps).

    With the arrival of the “House Music” at the end of the 80’s, when every DJ’s was playing “New Wave” and “French Variety”, Toni Monteiro was already know as the most underground in his region.

    The clubs where he used to play where crowded every week-end.

    “Le Kallistos”, “Le Starflash”, “Le Psyché”, “Le Kosmos”.

    In 1988 he founds a school of music « E.M.A » with Laurent Marimbert, who is today a famous French music author and composer (2B3, Nolwen Leroy, Nouvelle Star, Star Academy etc…).

    At the end of the 90’s, Toni Monteiro takes the music controls of the “Le Privé” at St Cyr / mer where he meets again his favourite Artistic Director, Franky (French Champion of DJ’s in 1988) and blows up everything on his way.

    The V.I.P. of the music labels and promotion clubs which came to meet him, never forgot.

    Worn out by two years of intensive work, he makes himself scarce and travel around Europe going to Porto, Lisbon, Malaga, Torremolinos, Sévilla, Madrid, while playing in the best House-Garage-Electro clubs : « Aniki-Bóbó », « Sound Planet », « Tomate »., « Mondo », « OHM », « Golfield », also in Budapest, Pragues, Debrecen, Siofok, : « ClubColosseum »,« Aranybika », «Palace Dance Glub », « Disco Bonton », « Radost FX ».

    Living in Marseille, he became independent DJ, playing essentially for private party’s (very private) between Hyères and St Tropez in beautiful big houses and luxury yachts.

    He occasionally plays in Europe for Fitness conventions, with an International teacher and plays special mixes for courses in Fitness Clubs.

    He’s resident at “Metal Café” (Marseille) and devotes himself to musical creation during the day, because he finally decided to create his own music (he has told so for such a long time !).

    DJ with an atypical career, Toni Monteiro will always be a lover of ALL music, with a big M, but about the mix, it’s in the “Garage” and “House Music” where he feels really good.

    DJ’s who inspired him the taste of mix : Erik Morillo, George Morel, Paul Johnson, Roger S, Harry Romero, Franky Knukles, MAW.

    DJ’s who inspired him to be crazy in party’s : William Picard, Franky, JM Sicky,

    Voices which made him love the “Garage” : Jocelyn Brown, Kathy Brown, Inaya Day, India, Kim Mazelle, Barbara Tucker, Ce Ce Rogers,