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Brand New Track!

In the ever-evolving, vibrant landscape of electronic dance music, there are names that blend into the background, and then there are those that demand attention. Resonating with unparalleled energy and charisma, the name Ashley Paul is unmistakably in the latter category. This month, as we delve into the tapestry of dance music, Ashley Paul emerges as the beacon, casting an illuminating glow with her latest masterpiece, “Bingo Baby.”

Every song has a story, a backdrop, a muse. For “Bingo Baby,” it was a day soaked in the rich cultural atmosphere of Liverpool. It wasn’t just any day, but a day when inspiration touched every chord, every beat, and every lyric. Ashley Paul, recounting the fervor of that day, says, “Liverpool, with its bustling streets and electric vibes, became the heartbeat of ‘Bingo Baby.’ Alongside Ritchie and Liam, the synergy was undeniable. The music we created was not just sound but emotion, not just rhythm but a heartbeat.” This single is a testament to her artistry, intricately stitching together emotive storytelling, rhythmic dance beats, and her hauntingly beautiful voice. The result is a blend of pop, soul, and the relentless energy inherent to electronic dance.

For connoisseurs of music, those who appreciate the delicate dance of narratives and notes, “Bingo Baby” is more than just a treat — it’s a journey. The track invites listeners into a tornado of melodies, where every layer of sound evokes a cascade of emotions, beckoning them to lose themselves and dance with abandon.

Ashley Paul’s ability to craft tales that resonate, tales that meld seamlessly with dance beats, has rightfully thrown her into the limelight. The buzz surrounding “Bingo Baby” is undeniable, and the dance music community is in unanimous agreement — this could very well be the dance anthem of the year. A track that not only showcases Ashley’s prowess as a musician but also heralds her ascent as a trailblazer in the EDM domain.

For those eager to immerse deeper into the musical realms crafted by Ashley Paul, both “Bingo Baby” and its entrancing Luv Foundation Remix (Radio Edit) await. Ready to transport listeners to a world where dance music isn’t just about the beat but also the stories that pulse within. A world where Ashley Paul, with every track, is redefining the boundaries of electronic dance music. A world where every note is an invitation to feel, to dance, to live. Experience the magic of Ashley Paul, and let “Bingo Baby” become the soundtrack to your dance-infused moments.