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  • Biography

    DJ TURTLE is a producer and remixer DJ South East of France. It is the age of 17, he discovered a passion for electronic music. 1996 he initiated the world of the night, moving towards the middle of night clubs with his first residency at ROXY CLUB, since which date he has ceased to chain the biggest clubs in the South of France ( The Club de Deaux; The LULU CLUB, THE MEXICANA; The CARACAS, THE GUEST; The CEVENNES 7;'S THE NEW'S, THE MAMBA, ETC.) time as resident DJ. His many experiences have been successful because they allowed him to mix together the biggest international DJs such as Antoine Clamaran, Sebastien Boumati, Didier Sinclair, Charles Shilling, DJ Susso, Da Fresh, Greg Di Mano. Today, he devotes himself to the field of production and early 2010 he signed his first release entitled "DISCO TRASH" on the label DJITRECORDS, in June 2010 he signed two new singles on the label HOUSEARTH RECORDS CAN YOU FEEL "and" VIBRATION "with a featuring of Audray, followed by the title" EL RITMO "co production with Thibo rosh who make a card in any clubs at present and will be signed on the label LUXURY TRAXX .. August 2010 new single" PEOPLE always co production with a rosh Thibo featuring the French family signed on the label .... LAD RECORDS September 2010 he signed "one day and take my love on the prestigious label Plasmapool RECORDS (Germany) .. more to come this winter single 2010 will probably talk about him to follow .......

    currently resident on the NEW'S BIP BIP has Gailhan …